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Hi, my name is Sara. I’m the face behind the brand!

When I started Sister & Kin I had very clear goals in my mind, do it fairly, work with women and keep it real. I’ve been involved in the world of fair trade and ethical production for many years, It first started when I volunteered for a women enterprise in Rajasthan, India back in 2010. I was working with skilled women artisan on the ground, getting to know this world of slow, ethical production was a huge eye opener to me. Since then I have travelled around the world developing ethical pieces for the home, accessories & fashion. It was AMAZING! But, I always knew I wanted to do it my way, put my own stamp on things.


Over time, I developed personal relationships with artisans and wanted to support their work with my own brand, doing things my way means that I can always be happy and confident with how people are treated. 



Fantastic products. I have several items now and the quality is amazing as is the design. I can't wait to get more 😀

Angela Williams

52% of fair trade enterprises have women CEOs

One of the many reasons I chose fair trade is because as I write this, 52% of fair trade enterprises have women CEOs. In the industry, that’s huge. These women in the leadership roles inspire so many more women to break through stereotypes and achieve their dreams. YES to that! 

Knowing that there are huge issues in the garment industry, working in such a positive way that celebrates skills & thoughtfulness is what drives me, women’s development really is key for a more sustainable planet.

On my travels I have met so many women that overcome extremely difficult situations and poverty, they start to use their skills to provide for their families and send their children to school. I want to support that and create products that carry those stories.

How it all works! It’s just me taking care of everything, from designing to the accounts and everything in between. I wrap all your orders with care and total love. You’ll find me in my spare room sipping tea working away. I always love to hear from people so reach out to me if you want to chat about Sister & Kin or ethical fashion.