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The LUNA Pendant Necklace


The LUNA Pendant Necklace

I am really excited to have worked with such a great project in Cambodia to produce our LUNA Pendant Necklace, the process of turning our design into reality has been a lot of fun and completely inspiring. 

The LUNA pendant is hand made using recycled brass, the brass is collected waste bombshell casings which has littered the Cambodian countryside since the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. It is melted down and turned into items of beauty and peace. With an aim to turn something so negative into positivity. 

The project provides work for disadvantaged men and women who are still affected by the aftermath of the war. 

Each pendant is hammered by hand, which gives them all their own uniqueness. 

The pendant comes on a gold plated chain.

Choose from the below chain length options;

16 inch gold plated chain 

18 inch gold plated chain

20 inch gold plated chain 

The necklace comes packaged in a jewellery gift box, padded with recycled Sister & Kin block print fabrics. 

To care for your pendant, hand wash with warm water and gentle soap, dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.