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December 28, 2019 3 min read

With ethical fashion becoming more relevant than ever, there has been an increase in support for the movement. We thought we would share a brief intro into five celebrities that are doing their bit to support ethical and eco-business.
Emma Watson
Emma Watson is a passionate supporter of ethical and sustainable brands, especially independent brands. Watson will share her look with followers on social media and credit brands and designers. For example, in theBeauty and the Beastpromo tour, she wore sneakers by Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, a vegan shoe brand from Paris. 
She also brings to the red carpet looks that were made using new technology to produce sustainable fabrics, like a dress by Kitx that she wore in film event at MoMA, the dress was made with recycled polyester zips and plastic bottles.
Stella McCartney 
Long before big names in fashion starting to ban fur and animal-sourced products, Stella McCartney already had made a promise to herself to never use animal products on her creations. Now, she has a brand that is fully committed to ethical fashion, from the materials of the vitrine mannequins to the air filter inside her stores. 
A brand this size, having such weight on its name, certainly influences new designers, giving them the confidence to create what they want at the same time they follow ethical values and find alternatives materials that match these principles and values. 
Rosario Dawson 
Rosario partnered up with her friend Abrima Erwiah, a fashion entrepreneur, to build a brand called Studio 189. The brand merges traditional craftsmanship from Ghana with contemporary pret-a-porter fashion. The idea is to give opportunities to people in Ghana to work and provide to their families, in addition to producing very stylish and chic clothing, varying from shirts to kimonos. 
Building ethical business in places where financial and social resources are not sufficient to provide a good life quality to the citizens can have a very powerful impact in these communities, bringing independency to their members and giving them the opportunities to build a solid future. 
It is important to point out that Rosario and Abrima are not only advocating for ethical fashion but helping to construct a future for many people that likely would not have this opportunity otherwise. 
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba used her bad experience in trying to find healthy and sustainable products as her motivation to create her own brand The Honest Company, partnering up with Christopher Gavigan, an activist in the area of Child Health and sustainability. Alba’s goal with the brand is to provide products ranging to skincare to biodegradable nappies, aiming sustainable, healthy and also socially responsible production and ingredients. For Alba, it is important to reiterate that she does not want this business to be labeled as “green”, since she considers it is a company that is built and run as any other company should. 
Gwyneth Paltrow 
Gwyneth Paltrow is a healthy/sustainable lifestyle advocate. Furthermore, she plans to build an empire around ethical business. Her company called Goop, provides products in the areas of wellness, apparel, skincare, cooking and, ultimately, it is stepping into the fashion field launching the brand Goop Label, having recently partnered up with Amour Vert to release an Eco-Fashion collection made only with organic materials and locally produced in San Francisco.
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